Are You A Profit-For-Purpose Venture Looking For Capital?​

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Our area of expertise is in finding you the ‘right capital’ for your stage of growth, your business model and your area of impact. Whether you’re after equity or debt funding, we can help you get your ‘house in order’ and connect you to the right investors that are values-aligned.


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With ImpaQt Qld

Since 2018, we’ve facilitated investment deals and funding for a number of social enterprises and profit-for-purpose ventures, including –

White Box Enterprises
Refugee Talent
Starts at 60
Smart Blox
Process PA
Food Connect
Soft Landing
Bama Services

Accessing Capital

We can help you to access the right ‘type’ of capital for your organisation based on your stage of growth, your business model structure, and your impact objectives.

Equity Investment

Angel + Seed + Series A
Private Institutional - Funds

For profit-for-purpose companies looking to scale quickly, equity impact investment can enable you to progress your operations and achieve greater/wider impact while sharing ownership of your company with values-aligned investors.

Debt Investment (Loans)

Low-interest, patient loans + convertible notes +
Payment-by-Outcomes contracts

Loans are accessible to both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, and can be a useful vehicle for project funding. Negotiation of low-interest and patient terms can enable your organisation to grow holistically and achieve social/environmental outcomes while ‘recycling’ capital that can be leveraged to further support the ecosystem.


General + Equity

A great option for product-focused ventures that have nurtured strong stakeholder relationships and can draw on a large ‘crowd’ of supporters to help them in achieving a goal or creating impact. Traditionally, crowdfunding has meant ‘gifts’ of funding in return for certain perks/access to products/services; more recently, equity crowdfunding is gaining traction as a form of ‘collective ownership’.


Philanthropic + Government

Philanthropic grants from Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs), Public Ancillary Funds (PuAFs) and other foundations are open to not-for-profit organisations with DGR1 status. They can be project focused or used for capacity building/core operations.

Government grants are generally intended to boost particular sectors or types of entrepreneurial activity. They are generally open to both profit-for-purpose and not-for-profit organisations.

Find out More

To have a chat about funding mechanisms and which one(s) might be right for you, please contact ImpaQt Qld.

To apply for investment through the ImpaQt Fund (launching in March 2020), please fill out the online Expression of Interest form via the button below, and attach a copy of your most recent pitch deck and Theory of Change.