Are you an Impact Investor...

looking to create genuine impact with your capital?

We can help you to find the right opportunities.

Whether you’re a sophisticated investor, a Fund Manager, a corporate or a philanthropic entity looking to invest your corpus, we can facilitate connections with ventures and initiatives that best fit your values and strategic impact objectives.

Contrary to popular opinion, we don’t believe there is a ‘supply’ problem. We work closely with a growing pipeline of over 60 high quality, impact-driven ventures that are ready for investment, and we are connected to a number of innovative programs that can scale significantly with the right capital. We have established an equity seed fund to channel capital into these businesses.

We are avid collaborators and connectors. This means we can reach pretty far to find the perfect fit. Whether you want to see change in healthcare, unemployment, clean energy, mental health or community development, we know where to look.


To make the process seamless and focused on the potential outcomes


Working with potential investees to craft rigorous, well structured impact measurement and tracking frameworks


Sharing knowledge, best practice and insights from the ecosystem: we can provide examples and tools that help you to 'do' impact investing

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